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Bridget Clauson

Professional Photographer

Hi!  I’m Bridget Clauson!  I cannot wait to meet you and learn your story, but first, I would like to share with you a little about my world.

Since girlhood, art has been my passion; a pursuit I have dreamed to live.  Each day I thank God for awakening this desire within me.  This desire has guided me to devour as many art classes as I could, which I did through Columbia College of Chicago, where I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in photography and graphic design.  Though my studies at Columbia laid a strong foundation before me, I was thirsty for more, and this thirst continues to fuel my passion for photography.

When entrusted to me, life’s biggest moments become unforgettable portraits. I shoot to capture a single moment and from it, create an everlasting memory. From the blushing bride, to the newborn baby, to the mother who is always behind the camera instead of in front of it, I inspire to take every portrait in a unique way.

From girlhood to the present, photography forever remains a way of helping others exist in a world where they might often feel invisible.  It’s a means of helping people remember, of helping people freeze life’s most beautiful moments, of helping people see themselves for the first time.

When my camera clicks, I am never just shooting a picture. I am crafting someone’s legacy; I am working to bring out the fullness of my clients-their individuality, their beauty, their story.

Whether it’s a newly married couple’s first kiss, a newborn’s first smile, or the face of a woman finally recognizing herself after losing a hundred pounds, these moments are priceless, and I feel beyond honored when a part of them.  My clients are the reason why I aspire to continue to live this dream, capture these moments, and tell these stories.  As long as God continues to allow me to live this beautiful dream, I will not stop using it to help others see the beauty around them and the beauty within them.

I cannot wait to help you discover what I see when I look behind the lens!



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